To register is necessary to FILL OUT AN ONLINE FORM, available on our website starting from the date of the registrations opening.
Any different conditions of payment will not be accepted.
1) fill out the form ONLINE
2) Pay only by credit card
3) You will receive an email with the confirmation of registration
4) Print out the registration form and the technical passport
5) Put signature and stamp and signature of the competitor of the conductor on both form
6) Both form must be delivered to the scrutineering with the following documents:
• entrant licence
• conductor licence
• mechanical licence (for Italian mechanics only)
• medical certificate (for drivers with Italian Licence)
• parental authorization form (required only for competitors who enroll minors conductors) : parents who are competitors do not have to fill out authorization. (you can Download and Print here)
• starting permission/Visa (only for foreign drivers if not shown on the license)
• 60 Minikart - starting permission/Visa (all foreign drivers)
The race number will be assigned by the Organizer.
IMPORTANT: The ONLINE registration DOES NOT confirm the participation in the competition.
At the end of the online registration, all drivers will receive an e-mail with the confirmation that the registration has been done. This e-mail does not confirm the participation in the race.
Drivers admitted to the sporting checks before the race will be announced in time on the official website.
The effective participation in the competition will be definitely confirmed only with the completion of the sporting checks according to the documents submitted in original and it will be final with the exposure of the list of checked drivers in the race board.
Entry fee payed at the online registration will be not refundable for any reason , included no participation at the event (entry fee will be refund only in the case of deny of participation/registration by the Organizer)

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